The Relocation Process

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Your Relocation

Toll Transitions offers a range of services to help you to move to your new posting or to relocate should you have a Change in Personal Circumstances.

A Toll Transitions Case Manager will assist you with organising all your relocation requirements, including:

  • Arranging your removal(s) and storage
  • Booking your travel and temporary accommodation
  • Calculating and arranging payments/reimbursement of your relocation allowances and entitlements

You are encouraged to submit your Application for Relocation (AFR) documentation online. The Department of Defence sets the policy for ADF member relocation. Please refer to the ADF Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN) to familiarise yourself with your relocation entitlements.

Complete Inventory

You can enter your Inventory online.

If you have moved with Toll previously you will have the convenience of being able to access your previous inventories (including motor vehicles) and can update and edit them for your new move.

Receive Posting Order

If you are relocating on a Posting, your Posting Order is the authority for your removal entitlement. Toll Transitions receives Posting Orders automatically from Defence however from time to time, we may not have received it and you may be required to provide a copy for your move.

If your relocation is as a result of a Change in Personal Circumstances, you will be required to provide Toll Transitions with supporting documentation to enable your entitlement to removal to be assessed and approved.

Complete Pre-AFR

Upon receipt of your Posting Order from Defence, Toll Transitions will send you an email notification which includes information about the Pre-AFR which you will need to complete. The Pre-AFR enables you to notify us of your plans to move including providing tentative move dates. If you do not receive an email notification within 21 days of receiving your Posting Order, please contact Toll Transitions Customer Service Centre on 1800 819 167.

Pre-AFR information also gives Defence Housing Australia (DHA) advance notification of your intent to vacate & occupy a residence.

Complete AFR

You can complete your Application for Relocation (AFR) online via the Relocation section of the Toll Transitions Transferee website. The information you provide in the AFR will allow your Case Manager to process and manage your relocation, including; removal, temporary accommodation, travel and allowances.

Uplift Date: Your uplift may occur within a week of the date you nominate on your AFR. If you have service reasons or extenuating circumstances that require you to move on a particular date you will need to complete the Mandatory Uplift Date (MUD) form and gain unit approval before submitting your AFR.

Allowances, Travel and Accommodation

As an ADF Member, you and your family are entitled to a number of allowances and entitlements as a result of a new posting or relocation. These allowances and entitlements vary according to a variety of factors, for example; your ADF Rank, family size and posting location.

Toll Transitions will calculate all the allowances applicable for your relocation including (but not limited to): Disturbance, Temporary Accommodation and Travel allowances. We will also co-ordinate your travel and temporary accommodation and facilitate reimbursement of any relocation entitlements.

Defence Housing Australia

Defence Housing Australia's (DHA) primary role is to provide housing and related services to Defence members and their families.

DHA staff will support you throughout your tenancy and can help you with a range of property management services including finding and securing a new DHA property, maintenance and inspections. DHA also administers Rent Allowance for members living in private rental properties.

To help make DHA accessible to members they offer a range of Online Services, 24/7, all at a time and place convenient to you. You can:

Contact DHA on 139 342 or visit DHA's website for more information.

Relocation Confirmation

Before your move Toll Transitions will provide you with a Movement Plan Letter (MPL) which will include details pertaining to your:

  • Travel bookings
  • Temporary Accommodation arrangements
  • Uplift and delivery of your furniture and personal effects
  • Allowance(s)
You will also have access to all these details if you download the Toll Move Plan App for your mobile phone. You can logon using the same username and password you use to access this website.

Changes to Warranty Scheme

The changed Warranty Scheme will apply to removals with an uplift date on or after 1st March 2016.

Toll’s Relocation Guide includes full details of the Warranty Scheme.

Read our answers to FAQs here

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need assistance call Toll Transitions on

Freecall 1800 819 167

Toll Move Plan App (Toll MPL)

The Toll MPL app is available now at the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes App Store. It gives you access to details of your current relocation arrangements. You can logon using the same username and password you use to access this website.